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          Full Circle Coaching employs Energy Leadership coaching. Energy Leadership is a self-awareness framework that gives new language and concepts to help strengthen emotional intelligence, self management and resiliency.

          This approach helps employees and individuals develop their individual ability to choose a course of action as opposed to simply reacting. Full Circle Coaching helps them recognize when and where they are on ‘autopilot’ and gives them skills and tools to shift from autopilot mode to one that is intentional, conscious and authentic.

          Full Circle Coaching can help your organization improve employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity, work-life balance and create ideal, engaged and self-aware leaders at all levels of the organization.


          Full Circle Coaching Options

          Energy Leadership Reboot
            Benefits Description Ideal For





          · Understand the fundamental beliefs causing stress and disconnect in life and work

          · Identify which values are driving unproductive default behavior

          · Develop a clear vision of the leader you want to become

          · Create a plan to put new, constructive behaviors into action

          · Ability to measure improvement at defined intervals

          · One on one sessions (12)

          · Exercises to uncover core values and beliefs driving default behavior

          · Assessments (3) to fully understand how you show up energetically & identify character strengths

          · Elevate EQ & resiliency to increase effectiveness

          · Email and text access between sessions

          · Option: 360 assessment of leadership energetic profile


          Individuals working personal engagement and/or new managers

          · Identify real and perceived causes of stress impacting team cohesion

          · Uncover team expectations contributing to dissatisfaction/ disengagement

          · Identify mis-aligned corporate and individual values impacting satisfaction and engagement

          · Develop team actions that shift perspectives from being antagonistic to being focused on positive teamwork, collaboration and communication.

          · Ability to measure improvement at defined intervals

          · Introduction/kick off meeting to introduce Energy Leadership Coaching concepts

          · Administer individual ELI assessments

          · Generate team ELI assessment roll up

          · Group debrief meeting to review team results and generate team follow ups

          · Follow up check points as defined by team needs

          Teams working with group dynamics, restructuring, changes in leadership or evolving to the next level of teamwork


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