Our applied solutions for leadership development, workforce training, and professional education will significantly increase the capacity of both the organization and individuals to operate within a dynamic and evolving workplace. Such skill-based training and leadership development will result in a measurable improvement in employee retention and morale, help stimulate productivity and efficiency, create higher team effectiveness, and promote workplace safety.

Several options are available including online short courses for leadership development, skill-based courses in key business topics, and comprehensive leadership development through facilitated online learning.


Essential Business Skills Courses

Essential Business Skills courses are designed for just-in-time training of employees who need to learn new skills or need to polish an existing skill set. Newly promoted or employees recently assigned to new positions may require a quick refresher on both the theoretical and practical aspects of new job requirements.

The Essential Business Skills courses include 15 specific courses: Accounting, Business Ethics, Business Finance, Business Integration and Strategic Management, Business Leadership, Global Dimensions of Business, Human Resource Management, Information Management Systems, Legal Environment of Business, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics. Marketing, Operations/Production Management, Organizational Behavior, and Quantitative Business Research and Analysis.

Whether you are an experienced veteran learning new skills or you are just starting out in a new position and need to learn the job requirements quickly, our Essential Business Skills courses provide an answer. Each course is divided into 3-8 learning sections that lay the proper foundation for understanding the key concepts, terms, and applications associated with the skill area. The courses are accessible for up to 2 years after completion and can serve as a future online resource.

Select your course or courses and prepare yourself for that new or next position.


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Online Leadership Courses

Online Leadership Courses for business leadership focus on business writing fundamentals, leadership communications, leadership essentials, leading teams, dealing with workplace conflict, leading change, and leading the leaders. Each course is organized into eight learning modules with instructional content that includes engaging videos, interactive instruction, and dynamic visuals. The courses include additional resources and learning activities focused on workplace application.

The courses are used to teach applied leadership concepts to supervisors, managers, and contributing team members. The courses are also used to help solve workplace issues and performance problems.

The instructional content for each course was developed by Peregrine Leadership Institute based on the organization’s workshops, seminars, and team development sessions. For over a decade, Peregrine has been conducting applied leadership seminars and workshops for hundreds of organizations located throughout the world. The content focuses on workplace application based on our collective experience in leadership, applicable to any leader from a manager in a large corporation to a sole proprietor entrepreneur.

Select your course or courses and develop your leadership skills.


Facilitated Leadership Development Program

Every organization must have effective, productive, and values-based leaders at all levels. Leadership is essential and without solid leadership, businesses, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit entities will not be successful in performing their mission and achieving their vision. Leadership is about rising above the chaos of the moment to see and understand the perspective of the situation, and act appropriately based on that perspective. Our courses are designed to address leadership development irrespective of the specific profession. We approach and instruct on the leadership soft-skills needed for every leader today, and for tomorrow.

Leadership involves the human dimension of our workplace. It concerns the strategic activities of envisioning, goal setting, managing activities. Perhaps more importantly, leadership concerns the operational interactions between people – within teams, between the supervisor and manager with his or her direct reports, and for cross-functional business units and department.

Leadership is learned best through thoughtful and practical mentoring and coaching by experienced leaders. Our Facilitated Leadership Development Program courses are instructed by experienced leaders who have had life experiences that are meaningful, relevant, and appropriate to grow and develop effective leaders at all organizational levels.

The courses include online instruction, participant activities, reflective and workplace application questions, and leadership skill evaluation. Each course includes participant engagement with an experienced mentor who will guide the employee through their discovery and growth in leadership.

Since no one course can appropriately satisfy the diversity of leadership development needs, several courses are offered so that you can make the appropriate choices for yourself, and for the emerging and experienced leaders within your organization. Upon purchase of the course, you will be contacted by the Course Manager with the Peregrine Leadership Institute within two business days for course registration and assignment of a course mentor. Once the course is opened, you proceed through the course at your own pace and schedule.


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