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Cyber Security

The purpose of this certificate is to help organizations meet the increasing demand for information security professionals by preparing attendees via a comprehensive practical set of courses addressing the entire IT infrastructure (e.g., data, network, web, applications, systems), as well as the essential management, organizational, and legal considerations.

After successful completion of this program, candidates will also receive ICCP Certification!

Upon completion of this Certification, candidates will also be more than prepared to pass the respective certification provided by CISSP.

PRICE: $3,000

IT for Non-IT Executive

Modified version of CIO Certification, designed to provide non-IT decision-makers with an understanding of how to leverage IT in their organization.

Understanding emerging information technologies and their impact on industry, and the roles and responsibilities of IT and non-IT stakeholders in leveraging these emerging technologies in light of the digital transformation will be at the heart of all of the courses.

PRICE: $3,000.00

Business – IT Management Consulting

This Certificate prepares IT and non-IT professionals, business/management consultants, and service providers to become capable agents of digital transformational change.

PRICE: $750

CIO Management Certificate

The courses serve as a mini-MBA program that provide participants (IT & non-IT) with the underlying competencies necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic digital business environment, as IT becomes the business.

PRICE: $3,000