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PRICE: $600.00

The Game Within the Game is a manual for anyone aspiring to go into college or professional sports and not just survive but thrive. Reggie Walker, a retired NFL athlete takes a deep dive into learning how to be successful not just on a skills level in your sport, but on the mental side of the sport. You cannot survive on your athletic skills alone when playing. Mental training is just as important.

Instructor Reggie Walker retied NFL athlete states his goal is to help those who don’t have guidance learn the essentials to guiding themselves towards their dreams and goals, find peace and confidence within themselves, learn the techniques to being a master strategist in their own lives in dealing with issues or problems, have the knowledge and system of effectively solving problems in their own lives, and be equipped with the knowledge to plan with an emphasis on fluidity.  I want others to learn all these skills in more so they can win the battle

Key topics:

  • Leadership
  • Unshakable confidence
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Mental Strength

University of Arizona Global Campus PLA Credits: 1

*Please note, there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied to a degree program at the University of Arizona Global Campus.  Refer to their website for the latest on UAGC PLA policies.