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Management Plus Enterprise

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This course builds on the theme of excellence in relationships and leadership. The relationship matrix is complicated but may be the most important concept to master in life as it yields incredibly powerful results. The better you understand it, the more enriched, successful, and rewarding your life will become, even though you will not be able to connect the dots until after the fact.

Relationships come in the form of family, friends, mentors, colleagues, and business acquaintances – all of which need to be managed effectively and nurtured. Research shows powerful connections with family and friends lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

This course provides the knowledge you need to strengthen and deepen your relationships and demonstrate how important they are in shaping your life.

University of Arizona Global Campus PLA Credits: 1

*Please note, there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied to a degree program at the University of Arizona Global Campus.  Refer to their website for the latest on UAGC PLA policies.