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Pitch and Persuade

Succeeding in business depends on your ability to convince people to follow you, to buy your ideas, your vision and yes even your product. This course is all about winning with Emotional Intelligence.

PRICE: $129.00

Go Do Deals

Go Do Deals provides entrepreneurs with a practical method to source and buy companies without having capital and without borrowing lots of money.

PRICE: $600.00

Time Management for the Successful Salesperson

A sales person can have fantastic selling skills. However, these skills will not produce results it the sales person is not well prepared and has strong time management skills in place to enable them to use their selling skills.

PRICE: $89

Selling to the Jewish Market

For hotels who wish to build business from the Jewish Market, this is a perfect course for you. This course consists of 3 lessons and in it you will learn about customs and traditions for the market and different vocabulary needed during the sales process.

PRICE: $89

Selling to the Eastern Wedding Market

Eastern Weddings, also referred to as Indian Weddings, is a growing market segment that can provide significant revenue for a hotel. Many hotels would like to gain more of this business. This course will assist you in selling to this very lucrative market.

PRICE: $89

Sales Leadership: Handling Group Inquiries for the GM and Front Desk

For hotels that do not have a sales staff to handle group inquiries it is important that the person who handles the inquiry have a fundamental knowledge of the sales process.

PRICE: $89

Overcoming Objections to Win the Sale

With today’s competitive environment most sales people are competing with other hotels to win the sale. Having the ability to successfully overcome objections is essential in order to avoid losing business to aggressive competitors.

PRICE: $89

image of man checking off boxes for solution based selling Knowledge Innovation Center

Solution Based Selling

The average salesperson is either unaware of or avoids the steps it takes to get to the top in sales. TIS’ Solution Based Selling course explores not only the “what” and “why” but the “how” portion of the process. So, whether you are planning to go into sales, are new to an industry or have years under your belt, you will understand how to become a top performer in a challenging but extremely rewarding sales career.

PRICE: $995