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          Target Market Size & Characteristics:

          FSBT alumni and current students, undergraduate and graduate students with other institutions interested in a bond and digital currency markets, young entrepreneurs who are eager to find out more about the digital currency, legal and compliance professionals interested in regulatory impacts of digital markets, novice traders interested in learning more about both bond and digital market.

          • Age 21-45 (the vast majority of the target audience)
          • Risk takers
          • Tried some bond trading in the past but may lack full understanding.
          • Either already college graduates or currently enrolled.
          • Stay at home parents.
          • Retired individuals trying to make extra money.

          Understanding the language of finance markets is essential for professionals throughout any organization. Digital Currency landscape is evolving with blockchain digital asset investment opportunities on the rise accompanied with the heightened public interest in bitcoin market movements.

          Yet, there are still so many unknown variables pertaining to digital currency markets.

          Designed by Aspera Group experts, our certificates can help you in building confidence in fundamental of the finance arena with access to understanding of somewhat uncharted landscape of digital currency markets.

          This program integrates rich interaction through webinars and discussion forums, videos and live demos.

          Aspera Group Courses
          Picture of Bond Trading

          Bond Trading

          Picture of Digital Currency Certificate

          Digital Currency Certificate

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