Cyber Secure Co. provides trusted expert cybersecurity solutions and
services to help organizations make better decisions that minimize risk. We support companies in need of cyber security platforms and compliance to do business.

With over two decades of cyber security and regulatory compliance experience, we not only identify the risks, but we also provide the design and implementation of risk mitigation and remediation. Our team is comprised of highly-certified experts with security practitioner experience in developing, executing, managing and maintaining security programs.

Through a comprehensive, phased approach, our philosophy is based on industry accepted standards and a set of criteria that mitigates risk and instills credibility and confidence throughout the company, which then extends into the marketplace.

We can be an extension of your existing team, part-time/project based, or we can be your full-time, outsourced solution.

Cyber Security Services

  • Framework Assessments: We help you identify current risks facing your infrastructure to facilitate an understanding of the risks associated with your business and industry requirements based on common frameworks. We guide you to develop a strategic maturity roadmap for an enhanced information security program.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: We scan your technology assets for vulnerabilities to establish a plan to patch these vulnerabilities.
  • GRC Assessments: We run a detailed assessment of your companies Governance, Risk, and Compliance maturity to ensure it is delivering the completeness and accuracy required to pass internal or regulatory audits.
  • Pen Testing: Simulates a cyberattack against a network or computer system to check for potential vulnerabilities within technologies, the ways its configured, or the way it connects to other computer systems or networks. It focuses on the technology aspect and helps clients fix the issue
    and close the exposure.
  • Red Team Assessment: As the truest test of a company’s security
    exposures, we test People, Processes, and Technology to bypass controls and gain access to a resource. We leverage everything from social engineering to lock picking, badge duplication as well as onsite assessment work.