About The Knowledge Innovation Center

The Knowledge Innovation Center (KIC) and our University partners have formed a strategic alliance to deliver a variety of “continuing education” options ancillary to degree programs. Every KIC course is PLA assessed by our University partners and is focused on in-demand skills development.

The KIC is unique by virtue of its relationships with industry experts as well as its affiliation with University partnerships. As a result of these alliances, certificates earned through the KIC can also be applied as academic credit toward University degree programs. The trends are clear: ancillary to degree programs, a significant number of learners are seeking certificates, certifications, and badges that can be immediately applied to achieve career and personal goals.

The KIC is well positioned to meet the skill development needs industry requires of employees, and students desire to differentiate themselves. Our strategic partnership with best-in-class industry experts and University academics, enhances our quality and provides education options consistent with near-term demand for practical application of academic theory.