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          Training Implementation Services is a 31-year-old company that delivers instructional design and content which is effective in benchmarking and training participants at all levels of experience from students and new hires to seasoned existing employees. Our clients are in the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. We implement performance-based training systems/experiences that impact critical bottom-line results.

          Our years of research and implementation have shown us that the difference between a marginal performance and exceptional performance is the combination of the structure of our learning delivery platform, motivation, and accountability. Motivation becomes evident in the way participants respond to the high expectation that the delivery platform creates; accountability is the fuel that drives exceptional performances.

          Key Topics:

          • What do you know about your firm?
          • Building your clientele
          • Working through intermediaries
          • Initial interview
          • Fact-finding
          • Product knowledge
          • Solution implementation
          • Sales activity and goal setting
          • Training Implementation Services, Inc.
          • 247 Aderdeen Street
          • Exton, Pennsylvania 19341
          • United States
          • (860) 304-5333
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